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Welcome to Oven Cura! 

Once your oven builds up with lots of dirt, grease and grime, your appliance will reach extremely high temperatures making the task of cleaning difficult. it can also become a time consuming and awkward task removing this carbon and grease, Oven Cura have experienced technicians who use specific tools and trained techniques along with expensive and controlled substances to provide a shine finish to your appliance

We invite you to use our service...

We have been cleaning ovens for years we remove doors strip down the glass remove seals and rubbers, also removal and clean of the oven fan

Why Book Oven Cura Cleaning
  • Trained  Technicians

  • Heated Dip Tank

  • Removal; of doors, seals glass, rear backplate and fan

  • 24h Booking schedule

  • Oven, Hobs, Extractor Fan, AGA'S, BBQ'S Range Cookers

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