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If you are trying to clean it yourself

Please please please.............. Use PPE, all the products on the self available to buy are extremely dangerous and carry a lot of warning I would advise you use a full face guard use gauntlet gloves, old clothes and unless u don't mind damaging any work surfaces or coubards or your appliance then proceed with caution.

I don't say this because I'm an oven cleaner I just say this because i have spoken to people who have used these products and reverted to calling me because the caustic soda provided from the off the shelf in the supermarkets is so dangerous and extremely strong that I have known people to damage there kitchen and appliances and in some cases loose there sight............

We are professional oven cleaners and have researched into using a method that reduces risk and allows us to clean your oven safely without the use of nasty smells or extremely potent substances.

All our products are controlled and safe to use in the home and all apparatus and your appliance is throughly rinced and nutrlised leaving a nice fresh mild citrus fragranced appliance for more info about uot cleaning process please call or read our book now section of our website


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